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Healing the Sacral Chakra emotions, balance, conflict resolution and intimacy. Many people meet a partner or deal with females and their feelings now. I had many relationship changes and intuitive breakthroughs in 2 Personal Years, particularly May to July. Sometimes our 2 Personal Year is a highly charged Master 11 Year — these years bring extra opportunities for growth and being a spiritual messenger.

More on Soulmates and attracting your equal. Healing the Solar Plexus Chakra personal power, choices and intellectual advancement. Time to travel, take up a hobby, have kids, juggle jobs or release frustration. A good time to pick up new ideas, especially in February and November. I studied Holistic Counselling in my 3 Personal Year. Healing the Heart Chakra forgiveness, structure, delegation and commitment.

Health, finances, males and discipline issues come to the fore. May-June is a peak period for letting go of your old belief systems. Listen to your heart. If your 4 Personal Year is a Master 22 Year expect double potential for changing the world through patience and dedication to big picture projects or cooperative ventures. During my 4 Personal Year I was training an assistant and learning the hard way that self-care must come before self-sacrifice.

More on forgiving your family and parents. Also see this post on how letting people down can raise you up. Healing the Throat Chakra truth, intuition, moderation, inner voice and listening. New ideas rush in and demand your attention — May and September can be pivotal months for expansion. A time for experimental, short-term projects. In my 5 Personal Year, I had a breakup on It was a heck of a ride! More on the Throat Chakra and relieving a stiff neck. Healing the Third Eye Chakra love, vision, harmony, creativity. A common time to move or renovate your home, especially from April.

Family and loved ones may need your assistance. In my 6 Personal Year, I spent most of my time on the Gold Coast a Master 33 vibration place eating healthy food with friends. More on water and your Third Eye Chakra. Healing the Crown Chakra self-respect, spirituality, wisdom. You may feel withdrawn and sensitive or go on breaks from your partner or family for personal or work reasons. Big months for change are March, July and December. Miracles are common as we are learning we are more than a body — our Souls will be craving prayer, nature and answers to our deepest questions about the meaning of life.

In my 7 Personal Year, I had to surrender to the process big-time. Not only did I struggle financially, my anorexia peaked and I had to move in with Kris to save my life. I asked Spirit for help and next thing you know, I was asked to do commercial radio see the interviews and everything turned around! See my Angel Meditation and myth-busting tips for meditation.

The 7 period in the productive years is excellent for one continuing studies and analysis into mid life. The tendency is to strive for mental growth and development and you are apt to be in the process of expanding your areas of interest now. This period is a plus if you are engaged in academic pursuits, but otherwise progress may be slow. It is hard to force yourself to seek opportunity now, and if you do, it will probably be to no avail. Perhaps it will come to you if you get prepared.

When the 7 period occurs in later life you may find yourself engaged in study as never before in your life. This period may find you writing more, engaged in some form of research, or venturing into new and interesting subjects. This is not a very social period and indeed there is concern that you may become increasingly isolated by your own choosing. An 8 period in early life stresses the practical and the material. This is not the stuff of a good childhood experience as it may tend to elevate the importance of material success at an inappropriate age.

For the less affluent, there may be too much interest in achieving material goals. This period may have its positive side in preparing a relatively young person for financial and material success.

You may go into business early in life with the tools to succeed. The 8 lifepath period in the productive years may push you to a level of success that would not have otherwise been attained. This period denotes a time when attainment, authority, and general business acumen is brought to foreground. You will want to set your goals high and do everything in a big way. If you have the inherent management abilities, this period will accelerate your prestige and attainments.

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With the 8 lifepath period in later life, it is suggested that your greatest achievements may be yet to come. If all you have lacked before is good management, now may be your time to shine. In retirement you may find yourself deeply involved in clubs, organizations and perhaps government entities.

Your contribution to these can be important for your sense of accomplishment and for your social life at this time. The 9 lifepath is difficult for a young person because so much is expected of them in terms of feeling compassion and tolerance. The youthful years are by nature selfish years and the 9 period stifles this sense of being self absorbed. While the upbringing under this influence can be helpful in the future, often the period brings periods of feeling lonely, unappreciated and unsure of self.

The lesson of the 9 is that life is universal rather than personal, and thus, those with this early path may have a head start. With the 9 in the productive years you may find yourself becoming more of a humanitarian. You may find it easier to express compassion, sympathy, understanding and tolerance while in this period.

This can be an emotional cycle and one of significant personal growth. You may be called on to overcome disappointments and setbacks, but the potential for gain in this period is significant. The 9 period in the later years generally signifies a settled and happy life at this juncture. You are inclined to positive feelings toward the world, and you will want to share your experiences to a greater extent.

You may engage in many positive works benefiting mankind or just a few needy souls in your immediate environment. The lesson of the number is learning to give without expecting to get something back. If you have learned this by this time, this period may well be the best part of your life.

How to Calculate Your Life Path Number

A pinnacle is an experience occurring over a specific time in our life. These pinnacle periods have been likened to the four seasons. The first pinnacle is in the spring of life. The second covering years of family raising and responsibility represents summer. The third covering middle-age and growing maturity of judgment represents the autumn of life, and the forth, consolidating the experiences of life, is represented by winter.

The first period is derived from the adding the month and day of birth. The second pinnacle is identified by adding the day of birth with the year of birth.

The third pinnacle is identified by adding the first and second pinnacle. The fourth pinnacle is identified by adding the month and the year. The timing of pinnacles varies for each of the first nine Life Path numbers. The timing for the master number 11 is the same a Life Path 2, and the master number 22 is same as the Life Path 4. Here is a chart for determining the timing of pinnacles keyed to your Life Path number:. If your Life Path number is 1, your first pinnacle extends from birth to age 35; 2nd pinnacle age ; 3rd pinnacle age , and the final pinnacle is at age 54 and beyond.

If your Life Path number is 2, your first pinnacle extends from birth to age 34; 2nd pinnacle age ; 3rd pinnacle age , and the final pinnacle is at age 53 and beyond. If your Life Path number is 3, your first pinnacle extends from birth to age 33; 2nd pinnacle age ; 3rd pinnacle age , and the final pinnacle is at age 52 and beyond. If your Life Path number is 4, your first pinnacle extends from birth to age 32; 2nd pinnacle age ; 3rd pinnacle age , and the final pinnacle is at age 51 and beyond.


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If your Life Path number is 5, your first pinnacle extends from birth to age 31; 2nd pinnacle age ; 3rd pinnacle age , and the final pinnacle is at age 50 and beyond. If your Life Path number is 6, your first pinnacle extends from birth to age 34; 2nd pinnacle age ; 3rd pinnacle age , and the final pinnacle is at age 49 and beyond. If your Life Path number is 7, your first pinnacle extends from birth to age 34; 2nd pinnacle age ; 3rd pinnacle age , and the final pinnacle is at age 48 and beyond. If your Life Path number is 8, your first pinnacle extends from birth to age 34; 2nd pinnacle age ; 3rd pinnacle age , and the final pinnacle is at age 47 and beyond.

If your Life Path number is 9, your first pinnacle extends from birth to age 34; 2nd pinnacle age ; 3rd pinnacle age , and the final pinnacle is at age 46 and beyond. The second sub challenge is identified by finding the difference between the day of birth and the year of birth. The final challenge is identified by finding the difference between the first and second sub challenge. The numbers behind the final challenge will each be a potential problem during half of the life.

The first sub challenge during the first part of the life, and the second sub challenge during the second half of the life. The Final Challenge is a potential weakness and problem throughout the entire life. If you correctly reduced the month, day and year to a single digit no master number , the difference between the two numbers must be a number from 0 to 8.

Here are readings of each of the challenges:. Personal Years. Life Path Periods. Numerology Index. Personalized Readings.

Top 5 Numerology Combinations - Driver and Conductor Numbers I Arviend Sud

Astrology Index. If we live long enough, we will experience three life path periods. As you progress into this page, think of the readings in terms of a modification or enhancement personalizing the life path reading. These readings do not replace the life path reading, but merely fine tune and customize it to the individual.

Because life path periods can vary so widely, the life path we are on becomes complex and motley. These links will take you to the three periods, early years, productive years, and later years, for each of numbers: 1. Numerology attempts to project major life changes and calls these monumental turns in the road pinnacles. If it weren't for these big transformations in life, the highly successful would become apathetic, and those struggling would soon feel totally hopeless.

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Pinnacle in our live give us the necessary change of pace and direction that is stimulating and hopeful. Pinnacles show the direction that progress will lead us. Calculating Pinnacles Each pinnacle is represent by a number and the number reflects the tone of the period. The pinnacle number is written in the birth date. We will use the month, the day and the year of birth in this calculation.

Personal Year Calculator 2014

The first step will be to reduce each of these components to a single digit base number or master number. Here is a chart for determining the timing of pinnacles keyed to your Life Path number: Timing of Your Pinnacle Periods If your Life Path number is 1, your first pinnacle extends from birth to age 35; 2nd pinnacle age ; 3rd pinnacle age , and the final pinnacle is at age 54 and beyond. Interpreting Pinnacle Phases Here are readings of each of the pinnacles: 1. Life is not a bed of roses.

There are hurdles to get over and mountains to climb. In numerology, the roadblocks faced in life is called the challenges. You could be drawn down the rabbit hole with online surfing. Your intuition is spot on now.

Harness the Light in the Darkness of Winter: December Numerology and Power Days

However, trying to impress could tempt you to spend money on food and drinks, new clothes and shoes, or a future trip. Jot down notes about a creative project that may have to wait for a better time. If well-conceived, this project could eventually prove lucrative. Thinking practically; problem-solving; wrapping up left-over projects; finding a lost item; a reluctant decision; repairing, replacing, building; going back to work after time off; desire to get organized; cutting back on expenses; minor legal hassles.

This week plans start off in one direction and change along the way. A near-miss stimulates a desire to get better organized. Pressure helps you stay motivated. A situation that looked iffy last week could suddenly take on new life. If looking for a new job or apartment, send a message to the Universe. Make a numbered list of specific things you don't want. Then, rewrite each undesirable thing into a description of what would be ideal for you.

Having a point-by-point list of what is ideal attracts a match almost magically. Remember, Law of Attraction must by law match your inner vibration. If looking to move, expand your family, or walk away from a boring situation, you may have increased opportunity now. Restlessness; uncertainty; traveling; meeting new people with different interests; questioning a course of action; super busy; extra stress; conflict of opinion; breakdown; breakup; over-doing; feeling better; freedom from a restriction.

This Five month promises interesting developments, especially in income and expenses because of your down-to-earth, practical Four yearly vibe. Five contributes potential for drama, duties, and deck chairs to move around. Plans are either being activated OR put on hold.

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Unexpected changes, spontaneous travel, or meetings may affect your schedule. You likely decide to rise earlier in the morning. If job or house hunting, take a look at a new field or location. You and your sweetie could be talking about a little getaway soon. If dating, this week might bring someone at least fun to talk to.

Becoming over-tired or drinking too much lessens your natural ability to handle stress or de-escalate conflict. A surprise announcement from a relative; feeling you have to solve everything; minor health issue from stress; conflicts; attending a group activity; eloping; splitting-up; birth of child; child off to college; care of sick relative; move of home. Others may demand attention this week more than usual. Family members also tend to voice advice and opinions, so try not to jump to the bait.

You could be making changes in your routine or around the house. Career-wise you likely are doing lots of customer service type of activity. Group or community interactions may become contentious, or interfere with personal time. Family matters are a priority for the next few weeks. Getting married or engaged is a possibility, as is being away from home this week. Try not to give advice unless someone asks for it.