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Improvement in business will give some satisfaction, recession time will decrease; will also get some recovery of money, will also get relief in govt. Matters related to partners, banks, suppliers would be in your favor.

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Expected social response will not be received due to that mind would be upset. There would be some worry for parents. People waiting for their marriage will have to wait but there would be some favorable time in the middle. Possibility will be made for good purpose work.

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Students will enjoy the benefit of this year, as compared to last year your performance would be better. Lucky numbers are 38 and Lucky colours are aqua and lilac.

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Lucky numbers are 39 and Someone is being rather provocative, making remarks that seem calculated to set people on edge or send fur flying, especially if these concern religion, politics or the law. It takes two to tango!

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Lucky colours are red velvet and green satin. Lucky numbers are 17 and Joint income and social status are likely to surface this month, with Venus in Scorpio. If there are no obvious impediments to prevent you, this is a good time to ask for loans or favours, as well as to collect those you are owed. Lucky colours are ocean blue and sea green. Lucky numbers are 8 and If you fancy a trip to the cinema, opt for a comedy film.

Lucky colours are red and silver.

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Lucky numbers are 14 and Get busy around your home today. Predictor As the planets move through the heavens in their individual orbits they form angles to the positions that the planets occupied at the time of your birth. This report interprets the way these planetary movements affect you as an individual, and explains how they influence your relationships, your work, your moods, and every aspect of your life.

follow site It will also provide guidance as to how you can make the most of opportunities when they arise, as well as helping you to maximize your strengths, and minimize your weaknesses. Celebrity Sample Try Free Sample. About Leo Leos are good at being warm hearted, generous and kind.

Ruled by the Sun, they love to shine and are great extroverts. Leos enjoy company and love to spoil everyone and share their own good fortune. Their pride and dignity makes them the kind of person others naturally look up to, and are always first to offer advice and counsel.

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Like the King of Beasts that is their zodiac symbol, Leos like to be the boss, and expect everyone to defer to them.