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On the other hand, the retrograde can also be a good time for negotiations, since the energy is already in a direction of reflection and exploration of the internal or unseen side of the situation. Venus retrograde can be a time when the weak links in a relationship are strained and sometimes break. Issues that have been swept under the rug and avoided may surface and demand to be dealt with. Undercurrents of hostility or frustration can erupt into full-blown conflict.

And if the relationship has been running on fumes or just hanging on by its fingernails, Venus retrograde could create a "make it or break it" situation. Lurking problems may have to be dealt with or choices made to bring the relationship to an end.


On the other hand, if two people have been going through a difficult time of struggling with problems, they could also find those problems "going underground" for a while and taking a rest. There may be a "ceasefire" of sorts, as Venus retrograde brings the individuals into the eye of the storm where they can revaluate and reconsider the issues.

It is not always possible to predict which way relationship problems might go — taking a breather or taking aim — but Venus retrograde will usually stir up the pot so that the usual habitual dynamics don't function in quite the same way for a while. If you are in a close relationship that is having serious problems, it can really help to consult an astrologer or counselor, to get a better understanding of what is happening.

By gaining more awareness of the dynamics and shifting of energy, you are in a better position to make choices that are in your best interests and that move you toward growth and healing. We may encounter a hidden side of our values and desires, during the retrograde.

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These need to be brought out in the open and eventually integrated back into our usual approach to the material world. Values tell us what's important to us. They are the yardstick by which we determine whether something is "worth it. Venus retrograde is a time when we may be forced to re-examine what we consider "worth it. We might have to renegotiate under the retrograde to reach a better win-win arrangement. Or we might decide that our resources are better spent elsewhere. Sensuality, pleasure and beauty are also areas that can get stirred up during Venus retrograde.

We should always aim to be good to ourselves, but often with the pressure of everyday life we forget to put ourselves on our own priority list, or else we keep pushing our own needs aside. Are you attracted to the same kind of people? We are drawn to people who interact with Venus and all that she rules in your Natal Chart. This can be a fulfilling or a frustrating experience - or both!

We tend to be inexplicably drawn into relationships where we play out the same patterns, issues and problems. How can you get off the "treadmill? A personal reading looks carefully at Venus and related areas of your Natal Chart to uncover the secrets of your heart. Shine some light on the mystery of your heart! Discover what a personal reading can do to light up your life.

Find out more or contact me for more details. On the other hand, sometimes we slip too easily or too far into Venusian ways of coping leisure, partying, food, spending, glamour, sex, intimacy, seduction, etc. In this case we can easily overdo the luxuries and pleasures of life. Problems with addiction or overindulging in a substance or activity can become aggravated under Venus retrograde, since the pleasure principle is often at a higher volume than usual. However, the retrograde cycle can also become an opportunity to learn more about the ways that we use or abuse that pleasure principle — in either healing or destructive ways.

Venus is the third brightest light in the sky, after the Sun and Moon. It's very common to mistake Venus for a plane coming in for a landing, or to mistake a plane for Venus.

The Sun-Venus Cycle in Astrology

It's no wonder the ancients dubbed her the Evening Star and the Morning Star, depending whether she set after sunset in the west or before sunrise in the east. With such a beautiful diamond sparkling brightly in the evening or morning sky, it's also no wonder the ancients associated this planet with deities of beauty. In fact, Venus' light is so bright that under optimal conditions you can actually see a faint shadow from objects here on Earth! There are two kinds of conjunctions Venus makes to the Sun: one where she is on the other side of the Sun from the Earth called a Superior Conjunction and one where Venus is on the same side of the Sun as we are called an Inferior Conjunction.

To my knowledge these names don't imply a moral judgment of one being better than the other, but simply describing the relative distance between the Earth and the Sun. Why should we care about where Venus is in relation to the Earth?

Cycles of Venus

Well, because that's where we are when looking at the Venus cycles! Retrograde motion can be observed only when that planet is viewed from Earth's perspective or any other planet you happen to be on, I suppose. When Venus is viewed from the Sun's place in the centre, there is no retrograde; there is only around and around. So the diagram below shows where Earth is where we are in relation to the Venus-Sun dance.

Venus goes retrograde about every year and a half, for about 6 weeks at a stretch. The Venus Retrograde Cycle begins in the middle of the retrograde period — when Venus retrograde conjoins the Sun. This is the Inferior Conjunction , with Venus on the near side of the Sun i. Venus then appears in the eastern sky just before sunrise, as the Morning Star. For roughly the next 2 weeks, she rises earlier and earlier before the Sun and reaches increasingly higher in the sky before the Sun's dawning rays make Venus invisible in the daylight sky although you can sometimes see her still when it's quite light out.

Venus then turns Direct and for several months she continues to be seen in the morning sky before sunrise until she again becomes lost in the rays of the Sun. She then conjoins the Sun for the second time, this time on the far side, known as the Superior Conjunction. After emerging from the Sun's rays, over the next several months she is now visible in the evening, western sky after sunset, as the Evening Star.

Venus appears gradually higher and higher in the western sky and lingers for up to several hours after sunset, as she approaches the retrograde station. At this point she conjoins the Sun in another Inferior Conjunction, which begins a new Venus cycle.

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During the times when Venus is high in the morning or evening sky, Venus is the brightest light in the heavens, other than the Sun and Moon. You can even see her in the night sky over a brightly lit city where the city lights usually block out most of the starry skies. Venus can get so bright that she looks more like a plane or even a UFO. Venus' light can even cast a faint shadow here on Earth, under optimal conditions. And if you have a really sharp eye or a telescope, you can make out the changing shapes that Venus takes, a bit similar to the phases of the Moon.

This phase lasts about a month. This is the first pass that Venus makes through the Shadow — the area of the Zodiac where it will go retrograde. During this phase, Venus starts bringing issues to the surface that will be worked on in greater depth throughout the cycle. Latent relationship issues may begin to arise. Financial areas that require adjustment and rebalancing could begin to make themselves known.

Dormant needs for love, intimacy, closeness or partnership can begin to awaken, producing a sense of dissatisfaction, loneliness or new optimism about possibilities of change. Read more about the Shadow. This is when Venus changes direction and begins to appear to go backwards in the sky, which is retrograde motion.

For up to a week before and after this date, Venus energy can become intense and very concentrated. If you've been experiencing relationship or financial concerns during the pre-retrograde Shadow, this may be a time when these issues really heat up. It can also be a time when you begin to see new solutions and potentials in these areas, although these developments will probably shift and change as the retrograde cycle unfolds.

Read more about Stations.

Venus, the Morning Star and Evening Star

Venus remains retrograde for about 6 weeks. During this time, you might have a change of heart about issues or possibilities that had appeared during the pre-retrograde Shadow. If you've been struggling with questions or concerns about Venus-related areas, you could find yourself seeing the situation from a totally different point of view. Everything you ever wanted to know about the astrological Venus! For the beginner, this book gives interpretations for Venus by sign, house, element, aspect and more.

argo-karaganda.kz/scripts/xabotojil/3573.php For the more advanced astrologer, it gives an in-depth explanation of the very complex cycles of Venus. Highly recommended! You'll get more out of it if you already have some basic knowledge of astrology. If you've been teetering on the verge of breaking off a relationship or quitting a job or giving up on attempts to beautify your life in some way, you might feel tempted to throw in the towel completely.

This may or may not be your wisest choice — only you are in a position to be honest with yourself enough to know if this temptation is a frustrated reaction or a final surrender to what your heart really feels. However, it's probably a good idea to walk that fine line between rash, extreme decisions and being paralyzed by indecision. Leave your options open, if possible, but do listen to what your heart is telling you and look for constructive ways to honour and support your true desires. If you've been struggling to find new opportunities in Venus-related areas like spending or earning, a new love interest, new creative inspiration, etc.

This can come about by being receptive and open to seeing things in a new way and reconsidering old assumptions about what your heart's desire "should" look like or be like. Venus makes the world go 'round. Really and truly, it's what we reach for in the end - what and who we love.

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And Venus in your natal chart is how that love force is expressed. It's your feeling nature, and what you desire. And it shape your tastes in art, home decor and wardrobe. Venus' spot in the chart shows where this force is at its most charged. Take note, since it's also a point of attraction - attracting wealth, a beloved, even the job of your dreams.

Venus is a two-way street, being the planet of give and take. It's what attracts and what you're attracted to also. It's what you desire and what you hate, too. Venus has to do with magnetism, and how it affects that mystery current called flow. It's to do with generosity of spirit, which opens up the love and friendship flow.

And it's associated with self-expression, which then opens up the admiration flow.

Day, Night or Invisible VENUS? The Difference in Your LOVE LIFES! Venus in Ancient Astrology.

It's to do with cultivating your gifts, and that then affects your cash flow. If your Venus is sitting pretty in the chart, you can be lucky in love, and attract bounty. If your Venus has challenging aspects squares and oppositions , your path may be a bit bumpier. Venus shows the kinds of friends you attract naturally. Clashing Venus signs can lead to misunderstandings because of different expectations about what it even means to be friends. Venus is a clue to how you experience good feelings, and in what situations these are teased out.

If your Venus is in harmony with a friend or lover, you create an atmosphere of good moods. This in turn, brings out your lovely side.