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Strength can not only be physical, Sagittarius , and therefore you must fight to accompany it with mental power. In some moments of the day, the stars foresee complications of a cough that you have been dragging for days, with some problems in the respiratory system. However, it is not serious and the key is to overcome it through the power of your mind and the strength of the spirit. It is a very appropriate day to devote a few moments to talk to yourself, to listen to the signs of your body and continue to grow spiritually. All about Capricorn.

All about Sagittarius. All about Aries.

Your daily horoscope: January 26

All about Pisces. All about Scorpio. All about Aquarius. All about Gemini. All about Taurus. All about Leo.

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All about Virgo. All about Cancer. All about Libra. You've always been a diligent worker. The world won't fall apart if you take time away from your duties for the sake of fun.

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Spending a few hours on your favourite hobby, sport or artistic medium will bring great happiness. You don't have to resort to underhanded means to make money. The Universe is endlessly abundant to people who believe in its bounty. Instead of thinking you can only succeed by undermining others, take a more consensual line. Do you have a problem, a question or an issue that is troubling you? Why not speak to a live psychic now, confidentially and in the comfort of your own home? Psychic Readings Now! Libra Horoscope for January 26 Mysterious circumstances surround your family.

Getting to the bottom of this matter won't help you.

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If you're going to fulfil your potential, you must take the power of the present moment. Stop using the past as an excuse for failing to reach certain goals. You've been blessed with tremendous creative ability. Pursuing a life in the arts will bring out the best in you. Your nearest and dearest may not approve of your dream, but they shouldn't have a say in your decision. Seek to satisfy yourself. Scorpio Horoscope for January 26 Instead of trying to create problems for enemies and rivals, try improving your own prospects.

Daily Horoscope (January 26, 12222)

This could involve anything from taking a course to making your very own a wish list to taking a trip for pleasure. The only person whose behaviour you can control is your own. Arguments with colleagues will reflect badly on you. If your work situation will improve, you must be a good team player.

Find ways to put your differences aside for the sake of productivity. Avoid contentious subjects like the plague. Sagittarius Horoscope for January 26 Clinging too tightly to money will make you miserable. Although cash can give you access to many wonderful things, it cannot buy love. Get into the habit of giving thanks for friends, neighbours, colleagues and relatives who bring you joy. These relationships will lift your spirits, making it easy to handle challenges.

When you are conscious of being loved, you become a magnet to prosperity in all forms. Best of all, your creativity soars. After spending time with your favourite person, you'll be inspired to write or perform. Tune in to your video horoscopes with Russell Grant - visit the video horoscope section, or check out the vast array of horoscope articles!

Capricorn Horoscope for January 26 Someone who is determined to impose their way of life on you should be avoided. Don't feel compelled to take their calls or give them much of your attention.

By keeping your tone polite but brisk, they'll look for another target. If you're dealing with a relative, there's no need to pretend that you share their philosophy. Gently explain you have different views that you would rather not discuss. By sticking to this technique, they'll gradually accept that you cannot be converted. Aquarius Horoscope for January 26 Secret enemies are causing problems for you. Be more selective about your confidantes.

The less casual acquaintances know about your dreams and desires, the easier it will be to achieve your goals. A tighter social circle results in increased focus. Beware of giving sarcastic responses to questions.


Daily Horoscopes: January 26, - VICE

People who are seeking information are being genuine. Mocking their quest for knowledge will make you appear petty and mean. Think of your most helpful teachers. Were they respectful or derisive? Follow their example. Pisces Horoscope for January 26 Financial losses will occur if you continue to go out to expensive engagements with friends. It's possible to have an active social life without spending lots of money.